The Best Nail Polish Strips

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I am absolutely in love with nail polish strips! They are so easy to apply, have ZERO dry time, come in 1000’s of colors and designs, and last for up to two weeks! And of course they last even longer on toes! Keep reading for my recommendations on the best nail polish strips!

The Best Toe Nail Polish Strips

You really can’t beat polish strips for your toes! I hate waiting for my polish to dry when I paint my toes and it seems like no fail I get a chip within a day or two. With nail polish strips, you don’t have to wait for your polish to dry and they hold up so good! Also, they are so thin so you don’t ever have a bulky feeling like you will get with gel toes.

When you apply polish strips to your toes make sure you prep your nail bed really well first. I always do my toes right after I get out of the shower for several reasons. First off, I make sure to clean my feet really well in the shower and slough off my heels with a good foot file. As soon as I dry off, I push back my cuticles really well with my favorite stainless steel pusher and buff off dry skin with a soft buffing block. I then buff off my nail bed with a gritty 180 buffer, trim and shape my free edge, then apply a good foot cream. Make sure you clean off your nail bed with polish remover to get all the cream off the base, then you are ready to apply your polish strips.

Here are a few of my favorite nail polish strip designs from Amazon!

These are so affordable and you can totally mix and match designs and colors. Make sure to keep your strips protected and airtight though because they will lose their stickiness if they are not protected.


Polish Strips for hands

Nail polish strips are so convenient for a quick mani! You can literally apply and run! The last manicure I did with polish strips lasted a solid week and I really put them through the ringer, washing dishes daily, swimming, yard work…not a scratch or chip to be had! Dashing Diva always has the cutest designs in my opinion…

The Best Nail Polish Strips on Amazon

Here are a few of my favorite strips from Amazon. Follow the same prep on your hands as you would for your toes. I particularly love glitter strips on nails because they seem to last forever, like most glitter polishes.


Raise a hand if you love polish strips!

Have you tried polish strips? What are your thoughts? Are you sold or skeptical? Leave a comment below with your opinion and tag me on Instagram if you try these polish strips!


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